Life Update: Starting a new journey?

Life Update: Starting a new journey?

Unless you’ve always known you wanted to be a nurse, a doctor or professional dancer, and managed to make your dream come true, you will probably all agree on the fact that finding what you really want to do in life can be a hard task. When I look back, I don’t think I have enough fingers on one hand to list all the careers I wanted to embrace. When I was 8 I wanted to become a vet, then a science teacher. Later when I became crap at maths I figured I needed to find something else I could do for a living. I decided I wanted to be an editor, then a window dressed, oh but no wait, being an event planner would be even cooler!…

During Uni, I discovered e-commerce and digital marketing, so I had a mini-revelation and finally found what I was made for. A few years later I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing and nothing else. So that was my life sorted, end of the story. Thanks for reading. Well actually… I (kind of) was all wrong.. Oops! So here I am, 2 years after graduating, wanting to go back to school…

Changing career and setting off on a new journey

You are probably wondering why, how and what at the minute. Why am I changing paths when I’m doing what I love, how did this decision happen and what the hell am I going to study?!

As much as I love digital marketing and e-commerce, there are loads of other fields I am interested in. And as you know we only have one life, so I already knew that at some point I would probably want to change career. I know I don’t want to live in regret, so if I really want to do something I’ll just do it.

Figuring out what I want to do

I’ve always liked to help people, by giving advice or just supporting people when they need it. Encourage them when needed and helping them the best way possible. This is why when I took a gap year I decided to work in a primary school, where I knew one of my missions would be helping the children during class and if ever they needed to talk. I really loved working in a primary school. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for an extra year. This is when I decided to go free-lance, to be able to stay in Normandy and not have to move to Paris for work. That would allow me to continue taking dance classes and stay close to my friends and family.

When I say to people that what I’m doing now probably isn’t what I’ll be doing in 5 or 10 years, they are surprised. But in a positive way. When I tell them what I think I will be doing, funnily enough, it always has to do with helping people to some extent. This year I’ve spoken about this with more and more people. Which has helped me find what could be my next job. I love law and was good at it at Uni, but I don’t want to work in law, I just like studying it (weird), I also love real estate, but can’t really picture myself working in that field at the minute.

nutrition coach

The one thing that kept coming back was “food”. As you may know, I love cooking and finding/creating new recipes. I also want to turn this blog into a more food-focused blog. One of my dreams is also to have my own café or tea house one day. However, I don’t want to study patisserie or cooking, I couldn’t cope with the working hours and stress. What I hadn’t thought about (until this year) was becoming a dietician. Which would group 3 things I love: nutrition, cooking/food and helping people.

Taking the leap

This year I’ve decided to study nutrition to be able to help people live a healthy life and meet their goals! Whether it’s simply switching to a healthy diet, learn new healthy tips or lose weight. At the moment I’m following a course in order to be a certified nutrition coach. This will allow me to start coaching people while studying do get my full degree.

I already have a ton of ideas! So I’m currently opening a group of 10 girls that have a weight loss goal.  This will allow me to get my new activity started and put my first program together. So if you want to hop on this new wagon with me and help me achieve my new goal, let me know in the comments and I’ll get in touch with you 🙂

PS: Sorry for the crapy and old photos, but I didn’t have time over the week-end to take some proper ones haha

What about you? Have you already changed “career”/studies?

See you soon, love


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